Raspberry liqueur

Wine growing info

Liquor obtained from the distillation of the albariño grape pomace and natural raspberries macerated for 3 months (30% alc.).

It shows a deep red colour with bright violaceous glints. The perfect acidity, the harmony and the right sugar balance turns this beverage into a marvelous temptation of intense flavour of fresh fruit which makes you forget that it is actually a liquor.

Serving temperature: between 6 – 8ºC.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Food pairing

This sweet liquor perfect to drink it very chilled or mixed in a lot of different cocktails.

It goes very well with all type of desserts, specially chocolate and almond cakes.

Tasting notes

Visual phase

Cherry-red colour, very intense and bright.


Delicate aroma of fresh raspberries and cherries, soft and balanced sweetness.


its perfect acidity, the right touch of sugar and its alcoholic content makes this a liquor with an outstanding harmony and a very attractive predominance of fruit on the palate.

A seductive caprice with rapsberry flavour.