Paco & Lola is a young, modern winery
committed to a fresh way of making and experiencing wine.
Known around the world for our sophisticatedly fun image, WE ARE THE POLKA-DOT WINE.

This distinguishing but risky mark of product identity, our desire to think outside of the box and the achievement of brand recognition worldwide are the three pillars of Paco & Lola’s winemaking philosophy. They are behind absolutely everything we do, from our packaging and bottle design, -with Paco & Lola’s signature crisp, bold polka dots-, to the entire winemaking process itself. By being true to this philosophy we have established ourselves as one of the most recognized wineries within the appellation Rías Baixas.

And the foundation on which these pillars stand is to make exceptional wines for exceptional people.



Quality is the driving force behind everything we do at Paco & Lola, and each and every member of our team is committed to our rigorous in-house quality policy. But we do not simply meet standards; we go above and beyond them.

That is why we are certified by both the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and the IFS (International Food Standard) guaranteeing the quality and safety of all our products.

These certifications are obtained after an annual review of our practices and a meticulous audit of our entire production process, from the origin of the raw materials used to the final product itself.

BRC and IFS certifications are recognized and trusted worldwide, and carrying their seals of guarantee is additional proof that our products measure up to the highest industry and consumer standards.




The culinary tradition of the Rías Baixas is reason enough to get lost in every inch of this magical land. Here, as in all of Galicia, gastronomy is based on the exceptional quality and wide variety of products grown and produced locally.

Tradition has always been sacred here, but this does not mean our cuisine has not evolved.  It has indeed, precisely because of our mindful respect for the past but our equally fresh curiosity for the contemporary. Paco & Lola’s wines have a perfect balance of both, making them the ideal choice to accompany any meal.