The cultivation of the vine by pruning

Today we are going to talk about pruning, its importance and how it influences the development of the vineyard and the quality of the wines to come.

To achieve excellence in the production of our wines, a quality raw material is needed, and that is why fieldwork is essential. To obtain a quality grape it is necessary to do a thorough job in the vineyard.


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The task of pruning in the vineyard aims to reduce the vegetative part of the vine in order to control its size and     limit its natural growth. It guarantees a long productive life, ensuring the quantity and the quality of the harvest.

The cultivation of the vine by pruning is done every year.     The best months to do this are during December, January     and February since the vine is not in vegetative growth. The albariño requires lengthy pruning to reduce the strain the load, thus obtaining grapes that are more concentrated and   of greater quality.



Currently Paco & Lola is made up of more than 400 members, being the most important cooperative in terms of the number of it’s partners in the D.O. Rías Baixas. For us each year it is very important to focus on actively training our members for the tasks and work which will be developed in the vineyard. In order to produce a quality wine, many processes are influenced, all are fundamental and training is the principle of all of them.


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